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Question: Can I get my website listed in's directory?

Answer: No, we do not have an "add your website" feature.'s search results and listings are dynamically updated.

Question: Do you sell advertising on

Answer: Not at this time. Our goal is for to be a quick-loading site without banners or other annoyances.

Question: used to have more search options, what happened?

Answer: We're constantly trying to improve and have it as helpful as possible for our users. We've recently streamlined the layout because we believe it's quicker-loading and easier to use.

We'll be continuing to add new features in the very near future, so please be patient if you've previously requested a feature to be added, we're most likely already working on it.

Question: Why is my homepage set to

Answer: A lot of people choose to use because it's quick loading and gives them instant access to what they need.

If your homepage is set to, it's most likely you chose to have set as your home page by clicking "Yes" to having set as your home page in the terms and conditions of use of the free version of the Ultimate Popup Killer program.

Most Popup Killers cost about $17 or more to buy... To keep ours free, we came up with what believe is a good compromise.

In the installation instructions, you selected "Yes" to agreeing to have your homepage re-set to when installed. (If you'd like instructions on how to use all of Ultimate Popup Killer's features, click here)

Below is complete instructions on how to remove the program if you'd prefer to re-set your home page and just deal with all those annoying popup windows that Ultimate Popup Killer stops, and you can then re-set your homepage however you would like.

If you want to re-set your homepage, you have two options:

1) Upgrade to the "Pro" version, which gives you all the benefits of the Ultimate Popup Killer while allowing you to set your homepage to whatever you'd like. You can upgrade by clicking here

2) Uninstall Ultimate Popup Killer. Here's how to Uninstall:

First, you need to close the program so it's not running before you can uninstall it. You'll do that by one of three ways.

1) If you see the "bullseye" icon down at the bottom of the windows taskbar, then right-click the icon. A couple of options will pop up, and the bottom one will be "Exit". Just left-click the "Exit" option, and the bullseye icon will disappear, and you can click on the Windows Start Bar => Programs => Ultimate Popup Killer => "Uninstall Ultimate Popup Killer", and the program will be removed.

2) If you DON'T see the bullseye icon but when you click on Uninstall it still says the program is running, then do the following. (It'd be a good idea to close any other programs you have open before doing this.) You'll close the Ultimate Popup Killer manually by clicking on CTRL - ALT - DELETE at the same time to open up a dialogue box on your computer.

If you're not familiar with doing that, you first press the "CTRL" key. While still holding it down, also press the "ALT" key on your keyboard. While still holding both of them down, click on "DELETE". Once the programs box pops up on your computer screen, you can let go of the buttons.

In the list of programs listed there that are currently running, you should see "Ultimate Popup Killer". Highlight it by clicking on it, and then click on "END TASK" on the button below. That will close the Ultimate Popup Killer, and you can then click on the Windows Start Bar => Programs => Ultimate Popup Killer => "Uninstall Ultimate Popup Killer", and the program will be removed.

3) If for some reason there's a problem with doing step #2, here's another way you can close the Ultimate Popup Killer so you can uninstall it. Click on your Windows "Start" button and left-click on "RUN". A little box will pop up. Type "msconfig" into the box and click "OK". When you do that, the "System Utility Configuration" window will come up. In the tabs along the top, you'll see one on the right that says "Startup". Click that "Startup" tab, and it will show you a list of all the programs that are automatically loaded when Windows starts up.

This is a great little System Utility, because it lets you pick and choose what programs you want to load up when Windows boots up. You'll probably see a lot of stuff in there, but look for "Ultimate Popup Killer" and un-check the box. Once you do that, click "OK". It will say "You must restart your computer for these changes to take effect. Do you want to restart now?"

If you've got all your other programs closed already, click "Yes". If you're in the middle of something, choose "No". Either way, when you reboot Windows, Ultimate Popup Killer will be disabled. You can then click on the Windows Start Bar => Programs => Ultimate Popup Killer => "Uninstall Ultimate Popup Killer", and the program will be removed.

Note that when you reboot Windows after un-checking "Ultimate Popup Killer", you'll probably get a little window that says "Selective Startup Is Being Used. Do you want to display this message the next time that Windows is rebooted?" Don't worry about that window prompt. Choose yes or no, it doesn't matter.

That should do the trick for you!

Also - The Ultimate Popup Killer does re-set your home page, but it's not a "trick"... It's very specific in the installation window when you installed it that setting our home page is what keeps the program free (so we don't have to charge $17 like most other programs of it's kind.) Our apologies if you weren't aware of it. Once you install it, you can re-set your home page.

If there does seem to be a problem with you running "Ultimate Popup Killer", please let us know what version of Windows you're using (Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP) and what version of Internet Explorer you're using. (To check, open Internet Explorer, click on "Help => About Internet Explorer", and note the version number. It'll be something like 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, something like that)

Please email us that information and the specifics of what problem you seemed to be having, so we can troubleshoot the problem and find a fix for it. The Ultimate Popup Killer has been working great for the vast majority of people who have used it, but for the rare occurrences of problems people have, we want to fix any glitches there may be with specific system configurations.

We appreciate your help in letting us know any problems you may have, and please let us know if we can assist you further. Thank you for trying out "Ultimate Popup Killer"!

P.S. -Once you successfully uninstalled Ultimate Popup Killer, here's you to change the home page back:

With Internet Explorer open, click on Tools => Internet Options from the top menu. A window will open up that says Home Page Address: [_______________] (and you'll see typed in there.

Just enter whatever you'd like instead, and click "OK" at the bottom of the window, and next time you open up Internet Explorer, your new home page will show up.

Question: I love my homepage. How can I tell friends to use it?

Answer: Just tell them to go to, then tell them to click on the top of Internet Explorer: Tools => Internet Options, and under "Address", enter instead of their current start page.

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The above information should answer 99% of the questions you may have. If you have any other questions or problems that aren't answered here, please email us: and we'll see what we can do to help.