Contacting Support

Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions, it will probably answer any questions you may have.

1) Why is my browser opening up to

If your homepage is set to and you don't recall setting it as your home page, it was probably set as a result of the terms of use of the Ultimate Popup Killer program. For more info and help about Ultimate Popup Killer, click here

2) I have a problem or question about Ultimate Popup Killer

Go to for a complete help file on that software program.

3) I can't open my web-based email

Ultimate Popup Killer lets you allow popups on certain domains that you choose. If you right-click the icon on the bottom of the screen (the red and white "target" icon in the task bar), you see an "allow popups" icon. The program SHOULD allow all clicked popups to work, but under certain situations (some sites use some weird scriptiong), it doesn't. So if, say, doesn't doesn't allow you to check your mail due to Ultimate Popup Killer being installed, you can add "" to the "allow popups" screen, and then all windows will pop up on

The alternative is to right-click the icon and un-check "enable" at certain points if something won't click open. Or you can choose to uninstall Ultimate Popup Killer.

4) Can I advertise on or can you give me a link to my site?

No. At this time, we are not accepting paid advertising or link swapping

5) I love my homepage. How can I tell friends to use it?

Just tell them to go to, then tell them to click on the top of Internet Explorer: Tools => Internet Options, and under "Address", enter instead of their current start page.

6) None of this information answers my question

Click this link to

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